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About Us – Our Brand Story


We don’t want to be Normal. We want to change the way people buy luxury footwear. FK NORMAL challenges the concept of how brands create products, by minimising waste and moving away from fast fashion. We specialise in made-to-order shoes that are fashion-forward and ethically conscious.

We’re here to make statements, to make a difference, and to awaken your conscience. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to compromise on quality.

At FK NORMAL, we believe in promoting the unique. We do things differently, and our collections reflect this passion. You’ll find classic stylings combined with contemporary touches - a flash of gold here, a touch of Italian leather there. Whichever collection you choose, you’ll find a shoe to match your unique look.

Made For You

As with the best things in life, FK NORMAL shoes are worth the wait. Only when you order from us will we start production on your shoes. We’re keeping environmental waste to a minimum while producing a product that’s as unique as you. We also have a range of vegan trainers, giving you a host of different options.

To keep things fresh and exciting, we also release limited edition lines on the 1st of each month. You can keep your collection and your style on point no matter the season.

Our Founder

FK NORMAL was founded by our designer, Lee CJ. His passion for luxury footwear comes from a career in the fashion industry spanning over 20 years. During that time, he’s worked across a diverse range of footwear and apparel brands, including Irregular Choice Footwear, Matches Fashion, Levi, Bourgeois Boheme, and many more fabulous brands.  

Over the years, Lee has identified the importance of sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry. He founded FK NORMAL with the mission of providing unique and desirable shoes and trainers that reduce fashion waste. He’s proud to present the FK NORMAL range and is sure you’re going to love it.

Our Values

We recognise that one brand can’t change the world. But we do know that it can challenge expectations and do things differently. FK NORMAL is built on this premise. We want to give our customers the freedom of choice – to choose a unique style, to choose an ethically conscious brand.

We believe that a culture of warmth, support, and honesty is productive for our brand and our customers.  That’s what we strive for, in everything we do. Yet we also know how important it is to be adventurous and open. Our shoes should reflect our personality, and we encourage our customers to feel great and express themselves with our beautiful designs.

Collaboration and communication are also at the heart of the FK NORMAL brand. We’re serious about building relationships with our customers, suppliers and everyone else we meet on our journey.

Collaborative Design

We’ve worked hard to come up with a design and manufacturing process that works for us and our customers. All of our timeless trainer and shoe styles are all designed here in Britain. They’re then constructed in the ‘Shoe Valley’ of Le Marche, Italy.

This collaborative effort means you get contemporary and original designs combined with expert craftsmanship and fine Italian leather and fabrics.

Collectable Boxes

Our boxes each carry a slogan that encompasses the spirit of the trainer or the shoe inside. We mix and match slogans and colours to make our brand feel more alive, making sure we’re anything but normal.

For many of our customers, the shoe box makes as much of a statement as the shoe. For those that keep their shoes in the original box, you will easily identify each of your favourite pairs.

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